Visiting AnDY

At AnDY we offer assessments, treatment and research to children and young people suffering with anxiety and/or depression. We will first offer you an assessment to identify the things causing you difficulties, before inviting you back to discuss our findings and, where appropriate, offer suitable treatment and research.

Many people suffer with feelings of worry, anxiety or low mood at some point in their life, and there are many reasons this can happen and many ways these feelings can present themselves. We conduct assessments with young people aged 7-17 to gain a detailed understanding of the difficulties they are experiencing. This is important as it allows us to work out what treatment will be most suitable for them. Our assessments also help us to identify suitable research which young people and their families can take part in. Research is a big part of the work we do and we have many exciting ways to get involved. Your assessment will help us to see which research studies are appropriate for you and gives you the chance to make an informed decision about taking part.

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