Overcoming your child’s fears and worries: Therapist manual (individual version)

Overcoming your child’s fears and worries: Therapist manual (group version)

 In order to access these manuals please request a copy. We will the send you a short questionnaire to complete. We will make the manual available to you by email as soon as we receive your response.

Charlie Waller Institute
The Charlie Waller Institute provides training for clinicians in evidence-based treatments.  To find out more visit their website:

The Minded portal provides information and e-learning material for anyone working with children and young people.

Parent-led CBT Book:

Mental Health Awareness Evening: Anxiety and Depression in Children and Young People

Professor Cathy Creswell and Professor Shirley Reynolds
Anxiety and depression in children and young people_10.6.2015_parents and teachers combined


Teacher Reports of Child Anxiety

Neural responses to reward and aversion in young people at risk for depression

Does mood impact memory and thinking in adolescents

Parent and adolescent experiences of an online CBT program called BRAVE Online: A Qualitative Study

The treatment of Child Anxiety via Parent Delivered Guided CBT

An experimental Exploration of behavioural Aspects of Intolerance of Uncertainty in Childhood

Reward processing in depression: Investigation using a Behavioural Paradigm

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The relationship between nutrition and mood in adolescents

Improving access to treatment for children with Anxiety Disorders

Childhood anxiety and cognitive bias : A multi-method approach

Recall Memory Biases in Depressed and Community Adolescents