Depression Researchers


monika-parkinsontest1.jpgMonika Parkinson –

I am a Clinical Psychologist and NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Reading. My particular research interests are in psychological treatments for young people with mental health difficulties and how we can better support parents and families. My NIHR funded research focuses specifically on improving outcomes and support for depressed adolescents and their parents.

Faith OrchardtestFaith Orchard –

I am a clinical teaching fellow and post-doctoral researcher working with Shirley Reynolds at the University of Reading. Our research is focused on adolescent depression, with the aim to understand more about the disorder and to improve treatments for young people with depression symptoms. I am particularly interested in understanding the causal and maintaining factors involved in adolescent depression, specifically the negative thinking patterns and sleep disturbances. I am also interested in the development of low intensity guided treatment programmes for the treatment of adolescent depressive symptoms.

Shirley Reynoldstest

Shirley Reynolds –

I am a Professor and Clinical Psychologist and Director of the Charlie Waller Institute.  In the Charlie Waller Institute our main aim is to develop, evaluate and disseminate effective psychological therapies to the NHS and to other health services.  We work closely with colleagues in the NHS, the voluntary sector, education, social and community settings.  My own research is focused on understanding and treating adolescent depression.


Master’s & PhD Students:


Emily GreentestEmily Green –

I am a PhD student, working with Prof. Shirley Reynolds and Prof. Judi Ellis. My research aims to investigate the development of the self and identity in adolescents with depression. I am particularly interested in comparing self-image and mood in depressed and healthy adolescents. Ultimately I hope that this will increase our understanding of how depression develops and can be prevented and treated more effectively.

Becca Watsontest

Becca Watson –

I am a PhD student, working with Shirley Reynolds and Ciara McCabe, at the University of Reading. My research is focused on improving our understanding and measurement of anhedonia, a core symptom of depression. Anhedonia is the loss of interest and pleasure in previously reinforcing experiences. My PhD aims to combine the knowledge gained from neuroscience and clinical psychology to develop more effective ways of identifying, assessing, and potentially treating anhedonia in depressed adolescents. I also work as an Honorary Research Assistant, conducting diagnostic anxiety and depression assessments for children and adolescents referred to the AnDY clinic.

Iona-Lewis Smithtest

Iona-Lewis Smith –

I am a first year PhD student, supervised by Prof. Shirley Reynolds and Dr Laura Pass. My research is funded by the Titcomb Foundation and Charlie Waller Memorial Trust. I am supporting research on mental health and Behavioural Activation interventions in secondary schools, and I’m particularly interested in adolescent values.

Bethany-Jo Cliffetest

Bethany Cliffe –

I am currently completing my masters in Clinical Aspects of Psychology at the University of Reading, after completing my BSc in Psychology at the University of Surrey. As part of my masters I am working in the AnDY clinic completing diagnostic assessments with young people who are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression. As well as this, I am assisting with research in the clinic focusing on adolescent depression. I am also working with Polly Waite and Tessa Reardon on a research project administering questionnaires to adolescents in schools, their parents and their teachers with the aim of developing a briefer screening measure for anxiety and depression for adolescents.

Simon BretttestSimon Brett –

I am a qualified Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner and a 4th year Msci Psychological Theory and Practice student at the University of Reading. Under the supervision of Laura Pass, I will be assisting with research into adolescent depression and delivering Brief Behavioural Activation for Adolescents (BATD-A).

Mona Jonestest

Mona Jones –

I am a 4th year MSci Psychological Theory and Practice student at the University of Reading. As a newly qualified Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, supervised by Laura Pass, my main role will be assisting with research tasks in the AnDY clinic and offering Behavioural Activation (BA) sessions to children and adolescents with depression. This will be as part of a research project into looking at the mental wellbeing of adolescents in schools and using brief BA to treat depression.