Clinic Support Staff

Sue Cruddacetest

Sue Cruddace –

Hello, I oversee the process of identifying young people who might be suitable to be assessed and treated at the AnDY Research Clinic. This involves working closely with our colleagues in the Berkshire CAMHs Common Point of Entry (CPE). Involvement in research might be as simple as completing questionnaires or completing some simple computer tasks and young people benefit from our comprehensive assessment and evidence based talking treatments such as cognitive behaviour therapy.

I also manage support functions for the Clinic and research activities, such as information systems and placement student recruitment. I have a PhD in Psychology and have worked with the AnDY team for several years because I believe in the research aims of our Clinic to  understand better what factors cause and maintain anxiety and depression, to improve access to treatment and ensure treatments are effective.

Ray Percy – Percytest

I am a Clinical Psychologist in the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences at the University of Reading. My role within the AnDY Research Clinic is to oversee clinical assessments and the delivery of low-intensity psychological treatments for children and young people with anxiety and depression. I am also involved in developing and evaluating new evidence-based treatments for anxiety and depression alongside clinical researchers; and in finding ways to provide improved access to evidence-based treatments for children, young people, and their families.

Frankie Glovertest

Frankie Glover –

I am a Clinical Research Assistant in the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences at the University of Reading. My role in the clinic is to support and conduct assessments with young people and their families to determine the presence or absence of anxiety and/or depression and to invite them to take part in research at the University.



Lucy Taylor –

I am a Clinical Trial Manager, with a background in Psychology. I manage the process of setting up and running carefully controlled trials within the AnDY clinic. Providing clear and robust evidence for the usefulness of the treatments being used and developed in the clinic is essential for both the young people who will benefit from the treatments, and also in giving the wider clinical community the knowledge to understand which treatments are most suitable for their needs. I am also involved in wider trials that take place across multiple NHS sites, where the expertise from within the AnDY Clinic is being transferred into NHS settings.

Catherine Newell –



I am the Research Advisors Group Facilitator. This means that I focus on Patient & Public Involvement, especially our group of Research Advisors (young people and parents with personal experience of anxiety or depression). I have also spoken about PPI at events such as an NIHR funding event at the university, to encourage researchers from different health sciences to involve PPI in their work.