Clinic Directors


Cathy CreswelltestCathy Creswell –


I am an NIHR Research Professor based at the University of Reading and an Honorary Consultant Clinical Psychologist with Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. My research focuses primarily on the development and maintenance of anxiety disorders in children and young people, improving access to evidence based interventions and improving treatment outcomes for this group.

Shirley Reynoldstest


Shirley Reynolds –


I am a Professor and Clinical Psychologist and Director of the Charlie Waller Institute.  In the Charlie Waller Institute our main aim is to develop, evaluate and disseminate effective psychological therapies to the NHS and to other health services.  We work closely with colleagues in the NHS, the voluntary sector, education, social and community settings.  My own research is focused on understanding and treating adolescent depression.


Polly WaitetestPolly Waite –


As well as being the AnDY Clinic Director, I am an NIHR Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Lecturer in Clinical Psychology based at the University of Reading, and my research focuses specifically on anxiety disorders in adolescence. I am also a Clinical Psychologist and therefore much of my interest is in improving our understanding of anxiety disorders in teenagers in order to guide our development of more effective psychological treatments.