AnDY Information Evening for Parents & Teachers

Yesterday evening the AnDY Research Clinic hosted our annual event: ‘Anxiety and depression in children and young people: An information evening for parents and teachers’ here at the University of Reading. The aim of our evening was to update parent and teachers on the recent developments in research for anxiety and depression in young people and provide information for people who are dealing with these issues in their personal and professional lives. The response to the event was overwhelming with nearly 400 interested parents and teachers attending. Professor Shirley Reynolds and Professor Cathy Creswell gave talks on the topic, which were no doubt the highlight of the evening, immensely enhanced by our panel of able clinicians. The parents and teachers sparked lively debate and posed interesting questions during the Q & A sessions. The atmosphere in the rooms was amazing, and many remarked on the power of a shared understanding of the experience of mental health issues. Many people got the opportunity to discuss specific queries on a one-to-one level with the clinicians, which was a very popular feature of the evening. There was huge interest in the posters and stalls which displayed the research which is currently ongoing in the AnDY Research Clinic. It was so useful for us to receive the constructive feedback from the parents and teachers and to hear about people’s experiences with their children and pupils. The evening was a great success for all. Huge thanks to everyone who made this wonderful event possible! Please check out the slides from the talks here:

Anxiety and depression in children and young people_10.6.2015_parents and teachers combined

You can also find the posters displayed at the event on the resources page:

Research posters

“Elephant in the room”
Professor Cathy Creswell addresses the parent group
Anxiety & Depression Symptoms (courtesy of BRAVE)
Setting up for the speakers panel


The Hot Cross Bun model- demonstrating the link between our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and physical symptoms
A packed room awaits Professor Shirley Reynold’s talk