Update: Mental Health Awareness Week 2015

As part of MHAW’15, AnDY has been reaching out to the local community to get young people engaged with the work that we do here at the clinic. This week we have teamed up with Reading F.C. Community Trust to deliver three sessions to their youth club members. These sessions involve different games and activities which have been designed to educate young people about different mental health problems, engage with issues that they may be facing and signpost them to services that may be of use to them. Given that three in every class in the UK have a mental health disorder, it feels timely to be delivering some knowledge & resources to the young people in our community. So far this week the sessions have been going great; we have all learned a lot and had some fun! #MHAW15

Here are some of the things that the kids told us they learned at the sessions:

“How to cope with things properly”

“Changing how you think”

“A thought can change the way you look at everything”

If you are a parent, teacher or work with children and young people and want to find out more about recent developments for anxiety and depression in research and practice, check out our  event entitled: ‘Anxiety and depression in children and young people: An information evening for parents and teachers’. The event will take place on Wednesday 10 June 2015 in the Agriculture Building, University of Reading.

For more information or to register for the event, please contact pclsevents@reading.ac.uk